Rumination is a Compulsion, Too

If obsessions are the thoughts and doubts that come to mind, compulsions are what you do in response to them. Often we think of compulsions as outward behaviors. However, for many of us with OCD (especially scrupulosity), many of our compulsions are internal or “invisible,” i.e., mental or cognitive. This is one reason why scrupulosity... Continue Reading →

Common Characteristics of Scrupulosity

There are many characteristics common amongst those with OCD. While not every struggler may identify with every characteristic, or they may identify with some more than others, I have generally found these helpful in identifying patterns in my own struggle.


“Just turn to Jesus,” you may be thinking. But that’s when all the questions arise! ... What may seem like a simple road to others is a twisting, dark, distorted path to the scrupulous.

Day by Day

We hear it a lot: “One day at a time.” It may sound trite, but it can also be one of the most helpful things for those who struggle to live in today, like me.

Not Safe But Good

If you’ve read the Chronicles of Narnia, chances are you have heard this quote, and if you’re been in Christian circles for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard it used as an illustration (perhaps overly-used!). But...

5 Common Misconceptions about OCD

Those who suffer from OCD often feel isolated, as we recognize our abnormal thought patterns and behaviors are different from those around us. We often have a mistaken assumption that we are the only ones in our lives who struggle in such a way, but in fact...

My Story

I don't know exactly when my struggle with scrupulosity began. The timeframe is foggy, and it's hard to keep track of events and timing. The struggle has lasted for at least eight years...

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