What If? A Never-Ending Cycle

What does a scrupulosity cycle look like? I gave a short explanation of the loop of obsessions and compulsions on the What is Scrupulosity? page. But in reality, it’s not linear or simple. The cycle is less a neat sequence of steps like those of a winding staircase and more the disorientation and unpredictability of... Continue Reading →

Living in Uncertainty

Last week I wrote about "doing the opposite." But how do we face uncertainty without losing heart? And how do we engage with the Lord in the midst of it? As Christians, even as we strive to follow Christ faithfully, we have a lot to learn from modern psychiatric practices, including exposure and response prevention... Continue Reading →

Do the Opposite

How do we battle spiritual obsessions and compulsions? What practical steps can we take to fight through the fog of scrupulosity? The most commonly used therapy for OCD is known as exposure and response prevention (or ERP), which ideally should be practiced in the context of professional help (i.e., a counselor or therapist trained in... Continue Reading →

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